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Lawrence of Arabia - RP! (slash)

Hello everyone!

So this is going to be a bit of an 'out there' request xD. I'm looking for an rp partner (slash, m/m) for the movie 'Lawrence of Arabia', especially after I've seen that some of our community members definitely agree with the almost-canoness of Ali/Lawrence, which is practically just screaming to be pointed out!

Well, if you feel like starting a long-term, exciting, adventurous (and smutty, oh yes xD) rp with me, we can discuss all the details over e-mail. I usually write para to multi-para; and I would like to play as Lawrence. So I'll be ecstatic if you wish to play as Ali with me. You can either PM me or post a comment here, or even just send me an e-mail at: liloo_flower@hotmail.com

I hope to see you soon!

Exploits of AJ Raffles and his Bunny

Before the gentleman thief Arsène Lupin, there was A.J. Raffles, the Amateur Cracksman. The twenty-six short stories and one novel written round the turn of the century (1898-1909) by E.W. Hornung remains, like his brother-in-law's creation of Sherlock Holmes, one of the more endearing characters in English literature. But one, sadly, who has not had the endurance of his law-abiding counterpart.

For Raffles was outside the law. Although he lived the public life of a respectable English gentleman and amateur cricketer, he owed his wealth and life of leisure to his nocturnal game--that as a "cracksman," or thief.

His right-hand man is none other than Harry "Bunny" Manders, his fag from his schoolboy days. Yes, I said fag. For in the good old days, the British public school system allowed older boys to take younger boys as their personal servants. Equally, yes, I said his friend's name was Bunny. For that is the only name Raffles ever calls him by (unless it's "my dear chap," "my good rabbit" or "my dear boy").

When we first meet Raffles and textual support for near canonicalness.Collapse )

Copyright on the Raffles stories expired in 1974; you may find the text nearly anywhere online, including The Annotated A.J. Raffles (my own invention; it's in progress, but all the text is there).

If these two Victorian burglars intrigue you, do stop by crimeandcricket!


Title: What You Don't See
Fandom: Hamlet
Pairing/Characters: Hamlet/Horatio, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern
Rating: R-ish (moves from pre-slash into the start of something more)
Notes: Steph wanted a piece about when Hamlet and Horatio first meet. I've chosen to set this at Wittenberg, as I don't think they would initially have met at court, what with Horatio's family being of a significantly lower class (in other words, my theory is that it's all thanks to Hamlet that Horatio that Horatio eventually becomes a courtier). This takes place over the course of their first year at Wittenberg, so please assume that they're somewhere in the vicinity of 16-17 years old. At the time of the play, I tend to view them as around 24 or so (mostly due to the dating of Yorick's skull, but feel free to argue with me on this point, etc.), so they've been at university for a handful of years at least by that point. Anyway, I'll stop chattering now.
Summary: If there's anything of which Horatio is certain, it's this: aristocrats' sons are prats.

(What You Don't See)

hamlet/horatio! also! I am new!

aw dudes hey! I am new! I recently got commissioned to do a slash pairing drawing for Shakespeare's Hamlet. It is Hamlet/Horatio! A fine pairing, if I do say so myself. I had wayyyy too much fun with this one, to be honest!

under the cut, if you like!Collapse )

New Hamlet fic:

Title: Epitaph
Fandom: Hamlet
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Horatio[/Hamlet], Fortinbras, Players
Notes: I can blame this one on a fever-dream I had on the train. That's about all.
Summary: Good my lord, will you see the players well bestowed? Do you hear, let them be well used, for they are the abstract and brief chronicles of the time. After your death you were better have a bad epitaph than their ill report while you live.

(The news had come suddenly, borne on the shrieks of servants in the corridors.)

Oblomov, Ivan Goncharov: Oblomov/Stolz

Right, Oblomov is a Russian novel of the nineteenth century. It's supposed to be a comedy, but it's the sort of comedy where by the end you find yourself in tears of despair and on the brink of suicide. Very Russian. And very slashy. Oh, so slashy.


Follow the cut this way...Collapse )


New, Julius Caesar-centric LJ community!

As some of you here may have noticed, and I are...a little bit fond of a certain play called Julius Caesar.  And so, once upon a raw and gusty day, we were discussing this fact, and we decided that we should found a great and noble LJ community devoted entirely to Julius Caesar. Not the man. The play. We would love it if you would join and post.  Fics, vids, random!squeeing discussion regarding said play...We want it all.  Het, slash, and gen are all welcome, although we especially adore Brutus/Cassius. So, come one, come all, and visit us atunkindestslash 

The Case for Orange/White (Reservoir Dogs)

Couldn't believe no one talked abt them yet! So, since LJ Cuts hate me, I've just wrote the entry in my journal and will give you the link to it (cunning, isn't it? LOL)

Here it goes:


The Eternal Husband: Dostoevsky.

The Eternal Husband is one of those little-known!books by Dostoevsky, and I don't know how easy it is to get hold of. It's definitely worth it, though. It's short, for one thing, and Dostoevsky often lacks that quality. And also so supremely slashy that I'd think he did intend it to be canon were it not for the fact that I can't see Dostoevsky writing canon slash. So I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Evidence behind cut! 

Totally platonic man on man kisses and declarations of love. How can you resist?Collapse )


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