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Almost Canon


Rather More Than Subtext!
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Pairings on the fine line between canon and subtext.
I bet you are thinking right now, "What a nice community! It caters to a very specific and yet under-catered-to niche made up of those who love proving things using the text of their reading material! How completely excellent!" If you were thinking that, you were most accurate. Most other thoughts would not be accurate, simply because of the ridiculous amount of thoughts you could possibly have had.

The idea for this community came about partially due to the Year of the Homoerotic Subtext, which is unofficially what we have in Whiteside's English class.


-almost canon=you can find it somewhere in the text, but it isn't explicitly stated. For example, Henry Sutpen/Charles Bon (from Faulkner) is almost-canon because Faulkner says things like, "Yes, [Henry] loved Bon, who seduced him as surely as he seduced Judith" and "[Judith] must have seen [Bon] in fact with exactly the same eyes that Henry saw him with," but Faulkner doesn't come out and say "Henry and Bon were incest-boyfriends. Yay!" Claudius/Gertrude is canon. We don't want that sort of thing. Joker/Scarecrow is pure subtext/speculation/fanpersons being silly (no offense to any Joker/Scarecrow shippers out there). We don't want that either.

- you guys: TAG YR. FUCKING ENTRIES. Please? commeantennas has devised an excellent system for tags which I willl not explain here because it should be obvious. Any questions, message either one of us.

-spelling and grammar- please use them. It makes you not sound dumb. This is a good thing. I promise not to force my prescriptivist sensibilities on everyone else. Typographical errors are OK in small amounts, and 'netspeak is only OK in a humorous context. Never use it in a serious way. Ever.

-new pairings- if you would like to introduce a new pairing to the community, make sure you introduce it with plenty of textual support. As the great and revered Whiteside once(translation: frequently) said, "Where is it in the text? Show me where it is in the text!"

-after a (brief) discussion with subcutis, I have decided that RPS will be allowed IF AND ONLY IF it is HISTORICAL slash. If they're still alive it's not allowed. We're proving stuff using texts, and if it's a modern pairing there aren't going to be many texts about the slashees. So stuff like Nikola Tesla/Mark Twain is OK, but Tim Roth/Gary Oldman isn't (sorry, rosnguil people).

-off-topic=bad. Don't do it. Off-topic posts are SPAM, which is not awesome despite its postmodernity. I will officially delete off-topic posts with my mod powers.

-I think that's about it. I, the maintainer, am the_alliterator, and talking to me is OK.

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