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Lawrence of Arabia - RP! (slash)

Hello everyone!

So this is going to be a bit of an 'out there' request xD. I'm looking for an rp partner (slash, m/m) for the movie 'Lawrence of Arabia', especially after I've seen that some of our community members definitely agree with the almost-canoness of Ali/Lawrence, which is practically just screaming to be pointed out!

Well, if you feel like starting a long-term, exciting, adventurous (and smutty, oh yes xD) rp with me, we can discuss all the details over e-mail. I usually write para to multi-para; and I would like to play as Lawrence. So I'll be ecstatic if you wish to play as Ali with me. You can either PM me or post a comment here, or even just send me an e-mail at: liloo_flower@hotmail.com

I hope to see you soon!