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Title: What You Don't See
Fandom: Hamlet
Pairing/Characters: Hamlet/Horatio, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern
Rating: R-ish (moves from pre-slash into the start of something more)
Notes: Steph wanted a piece about when Hamlet and Horatio first meet. I've chosen to set this at Wittenberg, as I don't think they would initially have met at court, what with Horatio's family being of a significantly lower class (in other words, my theory is that it's all thanks to Hamlet that Horatio that Horatio eventually becomes a courtier). This takes place over the course of their first year at Wittenberg, so please assume that they're somewhere in the vicinity of 16-17 years old. At the time of the play, I tend to view them as around 24 or so (mostly due to the dating of Yorick's skull, but feel free to argue with me on this point, etc.), so they've been at university for a handful of years at least by that point. Anyway, I'll stop chattering now.
Summary: If there's anything of which Horatio is certain, it's this: aristocrats' sons are prats.

(What You Don't See)